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What is this?

Complaining is easy. Offering solutions is the tough part. When we have an idea about how to improve a specific web site or concept, we post our pro bono "better" design comp here.

These examples show how better thinking, design, and usability can lead to better online experiences.


[37BetterGoogle is] Brilliant. You've got to stop giving these gems away.

You've got to hand it to 37signals. Frustrated by usability lapses in FedEx's Ship Manager form, they designed a better one [37BetterFedEx]... If I wasn't a web designer, I'd hire these guys.
Jeffrey Zeldman

37BetterMotors could do for cars what TiVo did for television, turning car ownership or leasing into an activity, not the passive exercise it is currently.
Jason Kottke

It's not just a "better" design, it could be a giant step for FedEx and the FedEx-site users.
Uwe from Germany

I was so impressed with your "redesign" of the FedEx website. I'm still in shock at how much of a difference it makes!

Your idea should be the model for all banks to follow. My bank is Provident Central Credit Union in Redwood City, California. I bank exclusively online (& ATM) and the current GUI is unfriendly, slow and redundant. Please help them!!!

I emailed 37BetterBank to my bank, Calfed, and told them to get off their damn fat asses.
Heather H.

37signals, research, report, brief, usability, analysis, knowledge, useful, usable.


We're frustrated with the online banking experience. Too many screens, too many clicks, too much confusion. But, rather than just complain, we put together our ultimate online bank "my account" page. We call it 37BetterBank and people who've seen it call it a big step forward. Visit 37BetterBank.

37signals, research, report, brief, usability, analysis, knowledge, useful, usable.


Absolutely, positively confused — that's how we feel when we use FedEx's online shipment page. So, we simplified it and made it easier to use and understand. A great example of how little tweaks can make a huge difference. Visit 37BetterFedEx.



PayPal is a simple, innovative, and successful service, but we feel that the all-important "Send Money Confirmation" screen (the screen you see right before you send someone money) could use some help. 37BetterPayPal is how we think it can be better. Visit 37BetterPayPal.

37signals, research, report, brief, usability, analysis, knowledge, useful, usable.


37BetterMotors is our vision for the future of automotive telematics Web sites (which barely exist today). Through a site like 37BetterMotors, a car owner would be able to perform dozens of useful tasks from home, work, or anywhere they have access to the internet. Visit 37BetterMotors.

37signals, research, report, brief, usability, analysis, knowledge, useful, usable.


Google is the best search engine, but the results are only as good as the search terms you enter. How can you know if "african coffee trade" is a better search than "africa's coffee trading" when you're doing research? You can't, but Google can help. 37BetterGoogle is our vision for how Google can help. Visit 37BetterGoogle.

Want to make one of your site's pages better?

Check out 37express: 1-page redesigns in 1-week. 37express is perfect for companies that need one more design comp, rapid professional prototyping of a wireframe or early-design concept, or just a quick, hassle-free, "how could this page be better?" creative spark.

37Better Q&A

How do you choose which sites to redesign?

Like you, we at 37signals spend a lot of time using the web to save time and make our lives easier. Occasionally, we come across a site that does just the opposite, leaving us frustrated and confused. From these experiences, we rebuild the interfaces the way we think they should work.

Do these companies hire you for this work?

No. 37signals is not contracted to build these interfaces. Our hope, however, is that companies we examine will learn from the mistakes we point out and improve their sites for all of their customers. Of course, we'd like to be the ones that help them.

Can you help our company be better online?

Absolutely. If you like what you see in these examples and would like to hire us for a redesign or a review of your site's usability, please contact us for more information.

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