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What is 37BetterMotors? 37betterMotors is our vision for a better automotive ownership experience. For an overview of the concept please see our 37bettermotors overview page. If you are a telematics services provider we'd love to talk about how we can help you make your services more appealing to your customers. But even if you're not we'd love to hear what you think.

Your Car

Remote Control

Timed Events

critical alert My battery needs to be charged
schedule service

important alert My left rear tire is low on air
show service stations below

important alert I am low on gas (I have enough for about 40 miles of driving)
show service stations below

important alert I am low on windshield wiper fluid
show service stations below

Current Status
last update: 6:36 pm

gear: Park

Most recent trip info
trip start: 4:22 pm
travel time: 14 minutes
dist. traveled: 8 miles
avg. speed: 15 mph
avg. fuel use: 28 mpg

Your 2001 Pogo 4.0

VIN: W37JI84H73G440723
plate number: MYPOGO
miles driven: 18,723
next service date: Aug. 17, 2002
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Message Center

2 messages from your car

1 message from your dealer

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