Speak softly

Gizmodo — Researchers at Pohang University of Science and Technology in Kyungbuk, South Korea have gone and invented something actually useful: a microphone sensitive enough to pick up whispers and smart enough to still filter out background noise. Sooner these start showing up in cellphones the better, we're tired of people screaming into their handsets in public...

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LAUNCH: sra.org

Signal vs. Noise — Today we're pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned sra.org (the site for the Society of Risk Analysis). You can check out the old site at the Wayback Machine. Many thanks to Jim for asking us to work on this project...

Today | Read the rest at Signal vs. Noise

The Non-Expert: Defenestrate Your Résumé!

The Morning News — Experts answer what they know. The Non-Expert answers anything. This week he explains how to impress any HR department with a top-notch résumé.

7:51am | Read the rest at The Morning News

Crossing the Threshold

A Whole Lotta Nothing — A few days ago, Cameron Marlow (creator of Blogdex) compiled a great list of people who publish what he called "low threshold links". Usually displayed on a sidebar alongside lengthier weblog posts, low threshold links are a way of including the classic filter-style weblog links while still being able to publish longer, more self-contained posts. The increasing number of such lists is an interesting indicator of the maturity of the weblog format itself...

20 Aug 2003 | Read the rest at A Whole Lotta Nothing

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Compiere on Postgres/MySQL

Neil's World — Tim Griffin writes " Compiere (arguably the most comprehensive open source ERP/CRM solution) has recently taken an interesting approach to harnessing community support for adding database independence to their product (currently it requires Oracle). They are taking pledged donations to help get the ball rolling on the project Certainly there are many feature requests in OSS I'd gladly pledge towards. Is this feature pledging a sustainability model for opensource developers/companies? Other examples, such as Blender3d which raised 100,000 EUR in 7 weeks, point in that direction. Perhaps in the future we may even see these pledge requests linked within the GUI itself?"...

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Random Friday Stuff

Kottke — It took me a whole Strokes album to get to work this morning. Which is actually not a long time, but still. ("Strokes album" is a unit of time in the hipsterverse equal to about 37 of our minutes.)...

31 Oct 2003 | Read the rest at Kottke

Sliding Doors of CSS, Part II

A List Apart — In Sliding Doors of CSS Part I, Douglas Bowman introduced a new technique for creating visually stunning interface elements with simple, text-based, semantic markup. In Part II, he pushes the technique even further with rollovers, a fix for IE/Win's CSS bugs, and lots more...

30 Oct 2003 | Read the rest at A List Apart

Starting a Business: Advise from the Trenches

Dan Gillmor — Did that last "fire your boss" spam push you over the edge? Do your wish-fulfillment dreams revolve around letterhead, legal entities, and avoiding arrest for tax evasion? If you're crazy enough to start your own business, Kevin Potts wants you to learn from his mistakes...

30 Oct 2003 | Read the rest at Dan Gillmor