37signals Accounts, your clients, and you.

We put together the following FAQs to explain how the new username and password selection process works for you and your clients.

1. Who has to choose a new username and password?

Everyone in your company, as well as any clients that use Basecamp with you, will choose a new username and password for their own account. Each person will only have to go through the process once, and it will only take a few seconds.

2. When will we be have to choose a new username and password?

We'll be launching the transition during the week of December 13, 2009. We'll be staggering the upgrade to new groups of customers every few days. This means you'll likely be asked to create a new username and password sometime between December 13 and December 18. Each person can "snooze" the process for 7 days at a time up until February 1, 2010 by clicking the provided "Snooze" link at the bottom of the upgrade screen. After February 1, you'll need to choose a new username and password if you haven't already chosen one.

3. How will we create a new username and password?

One day when you log in you'll see this screen. It will ask you to pick a new username and password. A few seconds later you'll be all done. From that point on, you'll use your new username and password to log into your account.

4. Can we pick new usernames and passwords for our clients or do they have to do it themselves?

Everyone will choose their own username and password — this is for security purposes. In the past the admins would create everyone's usernames and passwords, but that isn't ideal from a security perspective. Modern security standards require everyone to choose their own password. This means a password is completely private and only known to the person who created it.

5. Can people try using their current usernames or do they have to choose a brand new one?

Anyone can try to see if their current username is available, but if it's a common name (like "Bob" or "Jill" or something like that) it's likely that it will have already been taken by someone else who went through the new username and password process before they did. Just like Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, online banks, and just about every other web-based service that exists today, our new system requires that everyone across the entire system has a unique user name. No two people can have the same username — even if these people are accessing completely separate Basecamp accounts (or Highrise, Campfire, Backpack or any other 37signals product).

6. What if a client forgets their username or password? If I can't see their password how can I help them sign in?

Your clients can click the "forgot username/password?" link on your login screen to recover their sign in credentials. If you'd prefer to recover the information on their behalf, you can click the link for them. When you click the "forgot username/password" link, you'll see a email address field. Just enter their email address in that field and the system will email them instructions on how to recover their sign in information.

7. Will this process change our sign in URL?

No. The URL your clients sign in at will be the same after they pick a new username and password as it is today. It'll look the same too — your logo right at the top. However, as an added convenience, they'll also be able to log in at basecamphq.com if they don't remember your custom URL.

8. How does this affect future users we add to our accounts?

Adding people to your account is pretty much the same as before. You'll click the People tab, click the "Add person" link, enter their full name, email, and any contact information you wish. Then you'll click the "Add this person" button. At that point the person will receive an email with a link to choose their own username and password. And just like before, once you've created the user you can immediately begin assigning them to-dos, milestones, messages, etc. You can still assign things to them even before they've received the email and chosen their own username and password.

9. Can we still control who can see which projects? Can we still remove people from our account?

Absolutely. Permissions work the exact same way. You have full control over who can see which projects. You can add people or remove people from your account at your discretion. People control their own username and password, but you'll have full control over their access just like you do today.

10. Can people use their email address as their username?

Yes. As long as no on else is using that same email address, then they can use their email address as their username.

11. Do you have a sample announcement we could email or post as a message for our clients?

Sure. Feel free to copy and paste this directly, or make any modifications you see fit. Make sure you replace the "http://ENTER-YOUR-URL-HERE.basecamphq.com" part with your own Basecamp web address.

Hi there,

We wanted to let you know about a pending upgrade to our project management and collaboration tool (http://ENTER-YOUR-URL-HERE.basecamphq.com). The upgrade will be launching sometime during December 13 and 18.

One day that week, the system will ask you to create a new username and password. It will only take a few seconds and you'll only have to do it once. Once you've updated your account you'll use your new username and password to sign in. That's all.

The upgrade will make your account more secure. It will also make it easier to sign in should you ever forget your username, password, or the web address where you sign in.

We're sorry about the hassle of having to create a new username, but it should only take a few seconds and you won't have to do it again. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks again for your business and talk to you soon.

Any additional questions?

If you have a questions please email us and we'll get back to you the same day. You may also want to check the official 37signals Accounts page for additional information.

Thank you

Thanks again for being a 37signals customer! We're sorry about the hassle of picking a new username and password, but it's related to an important security upgrade so it's something everyone has to do. Plus it lays the groundwork for a variety of enhancements you've been asking for. We'll be working on these in 2010.