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  Frustrated with FedEx's confusing shipment form, we went ahead and designed our ultimate FedEx Shipment Manager.
FedEx Shipment Manager

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What's wrong with this screen?
  • Unclear which sections you must fill in before submitting the form
  • Features indirectly related to the shipment process (i.e. adding to address book, sorting address book) are shown in-line with form elements, adding confusion
  • Address book pull-down automatically refreshes the page regardless of whether you click the "Apply" button
  • There is no Address Book feature for senders
  • To ship even 2 packages, you have to refresh the page
  • Linked form labels jump you out of the process, inviting you away from the task of shipping
  • A "Cancel Shipment" button at the bottom of the page could spell disaster if accidentally clicked

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How we made it better:
  • We more clearly delineated required fields and section groupings
  • We reduced the prominence of features that don't directly relate to shipping your package
  • The Address Book now populates the address fields without a reload
  • A "Shipping Shortcuts" feature saves frequent shipping presets, filling out the entire form based on past orders of your choice
  • We added package tracking to the sidebar and reduced the link options to keep the options simple
  • We also added a shipment history section of the sidebar to provide an overview of your recent shipments

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37Better Q&A

How do you choose which sites to redesign?
Like you, we at 37signals spend a lot of time using the web to save time and make our lives easier. Occasionally, we come across a site that does just the opposite, leaving us frustrated and confused. From these experiences, we rebuild the interfaces the way we think they should work.

Do these companies hire you for this work?
No. 37signals is not contracted to build these interfaces. Our hope, however, is that companies we examine will learn from the mistakes we point out and improve their sites for all of their customers.

Will you look at our site?
If you like what you see in these examples and would like to hire us for a redesign or a review of your site's usability, please contact us for more information.

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