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Time At 37signals, a company whose Web-based collaboration software is used by thousands of small businesses, there isn’t time to sit around a conference room sipping latte and deconstructing memos. Come to think of it, there isn’t even a company conference room. There are just a couple of cubicles, loads of brainpower and three simple goals: make useful business software, make it easy to run, make money selling it. Repeat.

BusinessWeek At the recent Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Jason Fried created something of a stir with a talk that advised startups to do less than their competition: Spend less money, hire fewer people, work fewer hours, and—most surprising of all—offer fewer features. It’s a philosophy his company, 37signals, has taken to heart in its dead-simple Web offerings, which range from project-management service Basecamp to a group task list called Ta-da List

Financial Times Jason Fried, founder of 37signals, maker of a popular online application called Basecamp, says that as a result, technologies have become “a lot more standardised” among browsers, making it easier to create applications that run on all of them.

Chicago Tribune Jason Fried, founder of the Chicago productivity software firm 37signals, just began holding “CEO Office Hours,” set periods where almost anyone who wants to can call and chat with the head of the firm. While other company chiefs infuriate the public with extravagant bonuses, Fried’s more populist approach is meant to bring the company closer to its clients and to other entrepreneurs. The move was inspired in part, Fried said, by university professors and their set availabilities to students. “I’ve always like that idea. It is a very personal sort of attention,” he said.

New York Magazine My new favorite Web-based service is this brilliantly useful thing called Basecamp. Its clever online toolset lets you easily manage a project with to-do lists, messages ... Seriously, it’s an elegant, powerful, revolutionary thing. It takes just minutes to set up. And it works entirely within the Web browser on your PC.

Salon The Web celebrates its 10th anniversary and it’s still a pain to use—clunky, slow and unresponsive. But thanks to creative small companies like Chicago’s 37signals, the Web is finally becoming as fun and flexible as your favorite software.

TheStreet.com I now start my work day by looking at a single page that tells me what has happened over night. And what I can expect over the next few weeks. After more than 10 years of battling with Outlook to keep my little digital world organized, finally making some progress with a new business tool [Basecamp] is big news for me.

Crain's Chicago Business Jason Fried and David Hansson were awarded 2006 Crain’s Chicago Business 40 under 40 awards. In 2007, 731 “Chicago’s power elite”—as chosen by the Crains editors— nominated Jason to the “Who’s Who 2007” list. He is the youngest person to make the list at 33 years old.

Entrepreneur The Faces of Web 2.0, revolutionizing the future of the internet: 37signals offers a growing roster of lean online applications, including the project collaboration tool Basecamp, that are, according to founder Jason Fried, “simple things that people can use.”

PC Magazine Software development is often much too complicated and ridiculously time-consuming—and the end result is bloated and buggy applications. 37signals realized it could compete with the big boys by reducing the practice to its bare essentials.

Business 2.0 Innovation always has the power to disrupt business. Here’s what to watch in the years ahead: Software tools that make browser-based applications behave more like software running on a PC. Key players: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, 37signals, Tibco Software, and Yahoo.

Social Computing This is why 37signals’ Basecamp is such a pleasant surprise. It’s an excellent team-based project management tool that continues to delight me the more I use it.

BusinessWeek It all paid off. Kennedy estimates that by using projectpath, as R.Bird calls its in-house version of Basecamp, Chelsea slashed the overall time to complete the massive redesign project from at least two years to about eight months.

Wired Chicago’s 37signals has made life simpler for programmers and small businesses alike with products such as Basecamp (project management software) and an increasingly popular open source web framework called Ruby on Rails. The company ditches the philosophy of “more features, more better” in favor of simplicity and accessibility: Focus only on the most important features and make things easier to use.

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Inc. Today, 37signals, which is run by Fried and Hansson, has a staff of 16 and more than three million customers who use the company’s Web-based applications, such as Basecamp and Campfire, to collaborate and manage projects. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is the company’s only investor. Fried, 35, isn’t afraid to do things differently or to express his opinions.

Harvard Business Not if you’re one of the wizards at 37signals, a fast-growing company that is winning converts in the marketplace based on its commitment to ‘one-down’ the competition and “under-do” its rivals. Talk about a strategic mind-flip: In a competitive environment defined by bloated products, hyped-up marketing, and financial excess, the way to succeed more is to do less.

Wired Rails has continued its run of popularity; over the years, tens of thousands of programmers have used it to create countless online applications, including podcasting service Odeo and microblogging phenomenon Twitter. And Basecamp, 37signals’ Rails-powered, easy-to-use online collaboration software, boasts more than 2 million account holders. Signal vs. Noise, the 37signals blog, pulls in 75,000 readers a day.

The Wall Street Journal Can a high-tech list help you accomplish more? The best example is a new service called Backpack, which has been drawing attention among bloggers who focus on productivity tips. For those who want to give an online organizer a try, Backpack is relatively simple to use, with a clean look, and clear menus.

MIT Technology Review “Jason is immune to dogma and has much to teach. In 37signals, he has built an elegant company with elegant products based on the idea that less is more.” —Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.com, and the first outside investor in 37signals

Entrepreneur Some web services are geared toward collaboration from the get-go. The popular Basecamp application from 37signals is a project management and collaboration tool that ties schedules, files, tasks and messages together to keep employees, business partners and customers on the same page.

FastCompany Once you’ve gotten used to using them online, you’ll just be getting started. You’ll want to check out 37signals’ Basecamp for project management. Dive in, and before you know it, you’ll be working with colleagues in new ways that simply weren’t available in the old days. Even if those old days were just a few weeks ago.

MyBusiness Fried’s mantra about how to be successful in business is simple: Less is more. Being a small business is better than being a big one. Having few resources is better than having unlimited resources. Having less time is better than having all the time in the world. Indeed, having less of anything is better than having more—except when it comes to happiness.

Creating Passionate Users 9 out of 10 hearts for the 37signals folks—as perfect a passionate user rating as I’ll probably ever give. From usability to pricing models to support ... everything they do demonstrates that users matter most.

BusinessWeek “It’s all about doing things,” says Jason Fried, president of 37signals, creator of Basecamp and Backpack, two wildly popular Web services that help small businesses and individuals manage projects and to-do lists. “Cool wears off. Usefulness never does.”

PC World Are you constantly jotting down random ideas or to-do lists? If so, check out BackPack, a tremendous Web site that uses Ajax to make entering and retrieving data seamless and easy.

Read Write Web The one LittleCo that really stood out in the Web world in 2005, based on the buzz it created for itself and its almost slavish “less is more” design philosophy, was 37signals.

Business 2.0 With Basecamp acting as the messenger, the two sides repeat the back-and-forth until the toys meet Budnitz’s approval. The final design is then uploaded to Basecamp, and 30 days later finished toys march off production lines in China. “I can have as many as 40 toys in various stages of production at one time, and we can still manage all of these projects with just a few people,” Budnitz says. “It’s stupid simple.”

ZD Net Compelling offerings from Salesforce.com and 37signals in particular are making people take notice with head turning features and ease-of-use.

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