'Tis The Season: Holiday E-Commerce Ideas

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The Cost of Doing Shipping

Provide a clear link to shipping costs and a chart to clarify charges if needed.

Shipping charges can be confusing to new customers. Does your site charge by the type of item, size of item, total order price, weight, or something else? Don't make people wait until checkout to discover the answer.

Crutchfield.com [2003]

Crutchfield.com explains that shipping costs are determined by the total price of the items purchased.

KBToys.com [2003]
KB Toys

KBToys.com charges a base rate for each shipment plus a per-pound price based on the total weight of the shipment.

EddieBauer.com [2003] - View Full Chart
Eddie Bauer

RadioShack.com [2003] - View Full Chart
Radio Shack

EddieBauer.com and RadioShack.com both offer charts that explain the costs of various shipping options.

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Posted September 1, 2004