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I was so impressed with your 37BetterFedEx redesign of the FedEx website. I'm still in shock at how much of a difference it makes!

Sandra K.

A collection of our writing and research including 37signals-brand sites, the 37Better project, and our contingency design white paper


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Contingency Design White Paper

Download our guide to effective contingency design (what customers see when things go wrong) and learn to help wayward surfers overcome crisis points and succeed at their goals. This white paper explains what contingency design is, why contingency design is important to online businesses, and how you can use contingency design to increase customer conversion rates and loyalty.

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37signals Brand Sites & Resources

The 37Better Project

Complaining is easy. Offering a constructive solution is a bit more difficult. The 37Better Project is our attempt to turn frustration into inspiration. We use strategic thinking and usability expertise to create better designs for the online banking industry, FedEx, and the automotive telematics industry. While others criticize, 37signals improves.

Signal vs. Noise Weblog

A frequently updated blog of musings and dialogue on the web world, design, entertainment, politics and whatever else we feel like talking about. Established 1999.

Design Not Found

A collection of real-world examples of good and bad contingency design (the design of web pages presented to visitors when things go wrong). Anyone involved in building web sites, including designers, programmers, copywriters, information architects, and other decision makers, will find the site a valuable resource for helping visitors survive worst-case scenarios.

Why Should I Hire 37signals?

Download our 7 page, 46K PDF "Why Should I Hire 37signals" document to learn why we're the smart choice for your web design/usability project. Includes client references, the top 10 reasons to hire us, a list of our services, results we've delivered for our clients, and more.

37signals Manifesto

Our original web site (launched in 1999), the 37signals Manifesto is a collection of 37 nuggets of online philosophy and design wisdom. Here you'll find our philosophy for simplicity in design and the ideas and influences that drive us. It's a great introduction to the 37signals' school of thought and a fun, quick read to boot.


Our spoof on the often insane world of new media companies. "Awesome awesome awesome!...The best Web-industry spoof site ever created," according to Creative Good's Mark Hurst.

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