A collection of emails and letters we’ve received from people who’ve read REWORK.

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for writing this book. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read a book that seemed to reflect my own opinions about the working environment so closely. In a way this book is my validation that someone else out there understands and agrees. My start-up is just getting it’s feet: I subscribe to your blog and am constantly calling the rest of my 4 man team over to my computer to read the latest posts. So when your book hit the shelves I showed up to our local Barnes & Noble and bought the place out (they only had three).

I gave one book to each of my partners and worked a full day on our product with your book staring me in the face. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and had to punch out and race home, where I knew I could read it without distraction.

Now, here I sit, after reading it completely thru once, reading selected passages to friends and family along the way via spontanious phone calls, and bragging about the book on facebook I sit wanting to reread it again.

One of my favorite sections was “Go To Sleep.” I’ve always preached this.

SO freaking good. Thanks again.

Travis Topham

Jason & David,

I just wanted to say that I got the book today, and I love it. It’s so clear, so well written, and it makes me happy to find other people who have their own opinions.

When I first started working on my company, I spent two years doing things backwards. I kept taking advice from people, and I over analyzed everything. Then, I stumbled upon Getting Real and it truly changed my life.

It’s tough not to let other people – particularly the older people around you – influence your own decisions and thoughts. It’s hard to have an opinion when 9/10 people literally yell at you when you don’t have a 5-year sales plan put together. I’m done listening to other people (competition judges, college professors, mentors)... 99% of the time they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Anyways – thanks for writing this book and sharing your ideas with the world.

Alex Cook, Rentabilities

Thank you for writing this book! There’s really nothing more to say. It is the single best “business book” I’ve ever read – and I’ve steamrolled my way through quite a few. It will sit on my desk for years to come.

Keep up the good work!

Peter Kane, Manager, Global Marketing and Operations: Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE)

Hi Jason and David,

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write REWORK. It was definitely an inspirational book. The fact that I read it in one day and just couldn’t put it down speaks volumes about it’s quality and readability.

The book is really amazing and I’m putting the lessons I’ve learned from it to use right now.

Thanks again for writing such a great book. I truly enjoyed it and have already recommended it to others.

John Wang

Hey Guys-

Great job on the book! I have had a graphic design business on the side for a couple years now, I have only completely dedicated myself when I was in between jobs. I have recently realized that it is a organic entity and I will and am able to do that and be able to provide a stable financial job for my family. One great thing I got out of the book was to use the conversational tone, and keep the business about myself. When all is said and done and you compare one business with the other, it’s the guy making the decisions that separates them all. What a great way to show who you are than in your business. But all in all the book is spot on. I always have thoughts, or similar ones, but everything else I read (regarding business models) contradicts it. With the success of your business shows me that my gut instincts were right all along. All in all thank you guys for having the Balls to buck a system that doesn’t work in today’s business. And for giving guys like me the courage to trend successfully, not just to trend.

Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Greg Palmer

Blissful read. I plan on strategically placing a few copies around the office next week.

What makes it so good, in my opinion, is that 70 percent of the material is familiar. When folks leave their job for the commute home, much of this crosses their mind yet they resign themselves to the status quo; here’s to hoping Rework can change that and give the lot of those commuters a little more confidence.

I learned a lot and felt affirmed by much of the content. Well, well worth the 13 bucks I paid Amazon. Almost feel guilty having paid so little.

Hope to meet you guys and girls one day,


Hi Jason,

I bought your book on Tuesday and I’m almost done reading it. Its an AMAZING book – very honest, very humbled and very true!!

Today I suggest to a few of our clients to buy your book and one of them call me a few minutes ago telling me that he bought it already and while he was having lunch he start reading it and he couldn’t stop.

We are big time users of most of your products and services (basecamp, highrise, backpack, we are listed on Sortfolio as well and of course Rails). Our company is very close to what you say that a company should be. I’ve been reading about many people that I personally admire like Steve Jobs, Marty Neumeier, Jonathan Ive, Scott Belsky and you. Let me tell you that 37signals is on a daily basis a great inspiration for us.

We are creating now a few interest things for the iPhone – iPad world and also we are going to use your APIs for Basecamp in order to integrate our mobile marketing products with it. As soon we have something ready I will send you some information for your review.

Meanwhile Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge and keep up the good work!

Truly yours,

Charlie Green, Chief Executive Officer | Founder, Green Media Graphics, Inc.

Thank you for this book. Common sense stuff but until they are said and read they never really Click!

So now that I have been inspired I’m off to get some stuff done to release an application I’ve been saying, “I have to wait until it is perfect to release.”

Thank you again, I know this sounds cliché but your book has change my life.

Ken Smith

The best book I have read in a while, concise and to the point. Keep up the good work guys!

Rajesh Kumar

I bought the audio, and my wife (and business partner) bought the book. We both love it!

Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration to our work and life.

Reuben Brunson, CEO and Founder of RocketFuel

What a great refreshing book. I order a couple of copies for others. Most of what I do in our small software company is what you guys have written about in Rework. Thanks for being a role model.

Bruce Elgort, President & CEO of Elguji Software

Thank you so much for writing this book, I am just about done with it – I almost got through it in one sitting – I couldn’t put it down.

It is very refreshing and solid advice without all of the usual bullshit found in traditional business books.

Erick Cerda

Just finished reading your book and loved it. It really makes me re-think we way I manage my business and do things. I will probably read it again in a few months (it’s so quick) to refresh my memory. Bad habits are not always easy to change but it’ll be definitely easier if we incorporate some of your ideas into the way we think.

Jean V. Bahnik

Two business books changed my life. Purple Cow 10 years ago was one of them. And Rework, which I finished in one sitting tonight, is the other.

I stopped dog-earing the pages about 10 pages in because every page was folded over. Yours is a brilliant work that has caused me to rethink much of my own business. Freaking remarkable. And I will be spreading the word.

Craig Postons

I just wanted to thank you for writing an excellent book that surpassed my expectations. Your views on business are so refreshing and they have inspired me. I will definitely be adopting similar values and practices when I start my own software company. Keep up the great work; the world needs more people/companies like you!

Michael Campagnaro

Thank you guys for putting such a great book together. I initially heard about the book on Dan Benjamin’s podcast The Pipeline. Once I got it I couldn’t quite put it down; each chapter is like a nugget of information that leaves you wanted to consume more. I finished the book in about 5 hours between two evenings and I absolutely loved it. It does a great job at condensing a lot of scattered thoughts and concepts I’ve heard about, known about, and some I haven’t ever thought about.

David Curry

Just wanted to let you know that I really loved ‘Rework’ – what a great book! It totally makes you think and is really motivating, too. There are so many people I’d love to buy a copy for. Nice going!

Susan Chopra

I’m not gonna lie… I didn’t see this coming. I just got my copy of Rework today and have now read it cover to cover. Twice.

Best. Book. I’ve. Ever. Read.

Thank you guys for inspring me to be a better leader. This is exactly what I needed to hear… Confirming both what I’ve done right—and wrong.

Can’t wait for the next installment!

Winn Elliott

I have just devoured your latest book in 2 evenings, I literally couldn’t put it down. I had it scheduled in my calendar to buy months ago and it didn’t disappoint. I was actually disappointed at the thought of finishing it after only just starting it!

After working in the software industry for 10 years and running under my own business as a freelancer for 4 this book is the perfect inspiration for me to branch into some projects that have been stuck in the back of my mind for years!

Once again great read!

Ryan Mawby

Thanks for writing this book, and for going through the painful exercise of cutthroat editing. It paid off.

I absolutely LOVED it and have been reading chapters aloud to friends and family. Can’t tell you how many times I recognized mistakes made in former jobs, and if I’d only had this book to help influence change.

I actually cheered out loud while reading the “Sound like you” chapter. So many times I was forced to constrain my personality to conform to a culture that wasn’t always me…

This book has helped give me to confidence to continue on the path of starting my own business. No doubt I will refer back to it often.

Alexa Samuels

I just finished ReWork and it was an amazing breath of fresh air. I’ve started a number of small businesses and had I been able to read this book 13 year ago I feel like I would have done a number of things differently. This should be required reading at all university business schools.

Henry Miller

I just finished your book and was so moved by its simplicity and straightforwardness that I just had to take a moment to let you know how much I loved it. I was recently let go from my job, I design movie posters for a living and the ad agency I worked for has the most backwards corporate culture ever. 75 hour work weeks, everything was ASAP only to be completed and revised as another ASAP, literally thousands of comps to get to a finish and terrible time wasting protocol poisoning the workplace.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself I got your book and have already started taking in freelance clients and working more efficiently and finally having some work / life balance.Thanks for re-enforcing many of my beliefs and helping me realize I’m not the one with the productivity problems, my former employers were.

Adrien Vargas

Thank you for creating a fun to read and quick reminder of getting to the point and not being a corporate robot. Someone should really be pushing this kind of behavior in business school.

William Corns

I bought your book REWORK this morning and literally did not put it down until I got to the back cover three hours later. Amazing. Actually the most amazing part is that this is the FIRST book I have ever read start to finish. I plan on re-reading it by the end of this week. It was inspiring and validating all at the same time.

Rob Nicoletti

I started Rework last night. Before beginning, I spent a few minutes wandering around my apartment looking for a bookmark. And then few minutes into the book I realized that the bookmark search had been wasted time because there was no way I was going to stop reading until the book was done. Two hours and dozens of hastily scribbled notes later, I finished Rework. And then spent the next couple hours thinking about how to turn thought into action starting this morning.

Patrick DiMichele

I just finished reading Rework and it was awesome. We are a small company and many of your thoughts and ideas were right in line with what we are thinking. There were also ideas that will challenge us to be better. I am sharing this book with my partners with the hope that they will glean as much from it as I have. Thanks for the great book.

Don Ryan

Thank you for this book. Common sense stuff but until they are said and Just finished REWORK and it is incredible. All my employees/coworkers now own their own copy (there are 4 of us). Nice work and that is really going to help me prioritize, organize, and execute all this inspiration i have inside.

Ben Hayes

Just finished Rework. Perhaps the best business book I have ever read. Certainly in a small list of ones digestable and readable enough to motivate me to finish them.

Working in the performance automotive industry and being driven by social networks and enthusiast forums, Rework really hit home. Almost like a macro lens for a lot of the concepts that my business parner and I have been seeing in the industry for years.

We’re really excited to put a lot of these newfound and confirmed concepts into action.

Jason Griffith

Thanks for the GREAT read.

It was very inspiring and assuring for me to read this book, because it validated some of my more offbeat methods (or what others might call not of the norm) that I take in my company…I always thought I was doing something wrong by thinking or doing something a certain way, but many of my thoughts/methods are things you recommend as the way to do things. It really made me feel validated and more secure that I’m on the right track and handling things the right way-thanks for reminding me to be me…

Thanks-I’ve recommended this book to many in my industry…

Jon Bergen

I picked up your book coming back from SXSW this year on my Kindle, and just finished reading it a second time, this time on my iPad. The brevity and clear concise writing cuts to the point and makes every page inspirational.

I work for the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton and nearly every topic spoke to me and how I can cut a lot out of the bureaucracy I deal with on a daily bases to become productive.

I have recommended it to everyone in my Marketing Division as well as my tech junky friends. Thanks again!

Scott Graham

I knew all the points you mentioned in the book but it was refreshing to read all the common sense in one book. I got the book delivered yesterday and by 2:00 AM in the morning I was done reading the book. Just couldn’t put it down. I’m in the middle of a product development and can’t tell you how much I appreciate this timely advice.

Amit Gupta

Rework was an amazing read! Quite possibly one of the best business books I’ve read in the past 5 years. It reiterated a few things that I’ve done right in my career, when all along I thought I was crazy. Furthermore it brought to light a few things I need to change about myself and my business. I began to implement these changes immediately after reading your book.

Ryan Burgio

I just write this email to thank you for the nice moments I had reading REWORK. Definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read. As a writer I congratulate your clear and direct text, even for non-english speakers. I really appreciate your focus on being honest and pragmatic on business.

Rodrigo Yoshima

This is the best business book I have ever read. Seriously. It is straightforward and very very telling. I wish it had been published years ago.

Kerric X. Tyler

I'm sure you guys get a lot of compliments, but here's another. The style of small "micro-chapters", or whatever you might call them is pretty cool. I've definitely read too many half books that drone on and on and then end up unfinished on the shelf.

Keep up the great work, and give a pat on the back to whoever decided to cut the book in half length wise.

Aaron Richard

Hearing what REWORK had to say was exactly what I needed to get into the right mentality again. It was both humorous and amazing to associate my past business relationships with scenarios you made example of, like the idiot in the meeting who always wastes everyone's time and the challenge of what you would cut out if you only had two weeks. Seeing that my thought process was inline with yours, I must not be (too) crazy after all. It's a good feeling to know I can stop second-guessing myself on what I always thought made sense. Thanks for calling it how you saw it, the collateral benefits will go much farther than you'll ever know, at least in my world.

Jim Carter III

I would like you to know that at my start-up company Mutewatch we treat you like gods. I finished your book Rework, which was a birthday from my business partner and engineer Oscar, 2 minutes ago, and from now on it will certainly be our bible!

I love your book and the way you think and despite my personal rule being "always listen, do not always obey" I will most certainly implement a lot of the tips from your book. In fact, a great deal of things are already implemented at Mutewatch since Oscar has referred to this book just about as many times as the number of different chapters.

Mai-Li Hammargren

Thank you for the terrific book. There were many pages that brought a smile to my face – literally!!

I particularly loved the punchy to-the-point-prose. Hallelujah! No padding!

As a part time doctor with a bunch of social entrepreneurship projects – I look forward to applying your nuggets of wisdom daily.

Mei Ling

Thanks for the reminders. Its funny, so often I forget how we grew and became as profitable as we are today. As we get busy I sometimes think – man we need to hire up, we need to get a marketing agency to help us expand our clients, etc. Rework allowed me to look back and say, we have done it right and we can do better. We don’t need that crap.

Brent Weaver

I don’t usually do this. But I’m going to. I’m going to write to you guys and let you know that Rework was an amazing book of logic. And the funniest part…I was actually looking to purchase a Chuck Palahniuk novel and walked out with your book instead. You guys have, all at once, given a short and concise knowledge base for logical restructuring of business thinking for everyone logical enough to feel what you’re saying on a daily basis. You’ve done what hundreds of thousands of books before it only wished they had. By the 20th page I realized you guys were speaking what I had been thinking for years. Coincidentally, I’m just starting a business and this book solidified the natural tendencies of what I like and what I don’t like about business. Thanks. I’ll be passing this book and it’s knowledge onward to others…

Chad Creighton

I’ve been reading Rework lately, and I think I have actually mentioned an idea / common sense notion from the book in maybe 10 meetings already and at least half of those times it’s led to something that’s worked out to be awesome for our organization. The book was really freeing ..getting away from tired clichés!

I even bought the book for our whole office and we are discussing it tomorrow at an office book club. Instead of discussion questions, we’ve decided to each share a change we’ve already executed since reading the book.

Just wanted to share some positive feedback-Thanks for writing the book!

Bailey Kasten

Just read your book and can I say first, awesome – finally a pragmatic approach to being entrepreneurial.

Second, you wouldn’t believe how many of your ideas apply to starting a brewery in the Fiji Islands.

Jeremy Ullrich

I read a lot, but I have to say this is maybe the best book I’ve ever read.

I’m sure you know the feeling of reading 400 pages by knowing that the author was supposed to write only 100 pages but filled up other 300 pages with rubbish. It’s somehow an accepted model for books. This is the seconds book I’ve read that doesn’t follow it.

Thanks a lot, your book is pure and fat free. It’s actionable and made difference instantly in my own startup.

Ferruh Mavituna

Hi there,

I just wanted to send a message to say thanks. Rework has changed my outlook on so many different things. I am currently the owner of two reasonably successful websites (my bliss: and, the author of several eBooks currently in process (my byproducts), and am also in the completion stages of my PhD. Not only has Rework helped me to reconsider the way I organize my various business activities, but also it has inspired me to rethink, or rework, the way that I approach my dissertation. I was in a rut with that project before reading your book, but now believe that I have the tools to move forward better. All it took was a little bit of rethinking. Brilliant.

Most of all, Rework has given me valuable food for thought. It has helped me to regroup and look forward with new excitement and passion.

I really cannot thank you enough for this book. I anticipate reading again and again. Certainly, I did not agree with every point made in the book (particularly the section about academic). But even with those points of contention, I still believe that Rework is one of those special books that, in its honesty, has the power to inspire us all. I certainly hope more and more people will read it, I think it can help us all to first envision and then realize a better, more creative future.

Thank you!

Kristin Dean

Hi there,

I want to thank you for the masterpiece "Rework" you wrote. Absolutely great!

I was 15 years in various sales, marketing and product management positions in corporate world. Could not possible agree more about what you are saying in your book!

I am starting my own consultancy business at the moment. I will surely use your ideas as a reference very often. ;-)

By the way, there is no "resume spam" or any other hidden agenda in my mail. I simply wanted to deliver my honest feedback to you directly.

Juhana Lampinen

Hi guys,

I just finished your book, and wanted to say thanks! I've always felt like I was nuts because I never bought into the corporate cultures, and could never seem to get my head around why big companies do things the way they do. So I packed up and bought my own company and at 26, am on a much different path in life. Reading REWORK in only my first month of this venture definitely helped quell some of the anxiety of being a new business owner.

REWORK for me was a confirmation of a lot of things I did/knew already, but being hit over the head a bunch of times with two-page wisdoms gives the much needed riminder to not be one of the schmucks that in only a few years of working life I've become so sick of!

Anyway, REWORK is a now a bible of sorts for me and my business, and for that I thank you.

Scott McLaren
Vice President
Festival Promotions

I really enjoyed your book. I thought your ideas were extremely useful and beneficial. As a 9 to 5 worker by day, I see firsthand how not to run an organization. However, as a entrepreneur by night, I hope to implement many of the ideas you presented in Rework. It is a take a step back approach to see what does not work and not to be afraid of going against the norm.

D. Levi

Just wanted to say that I finished your book, Rework, and it is phenomenal.

Simple. Clear. Concise. East to read, digest, and understand.

Thank you for writing such an inspiring piece of re-work.

Travis Tasset

Refreshing, invigorating and awesome.

I pastor a 3 year old church that meets in two 100 year old theaters connected by fiber optics in Montana. In many ways we do things differently from a traditional church. We also operate a radio station that could care less about charts — we play what we like — and we constantly hear how and why things won't work/that's not how you do things and we couldn't care less and we never have enough room for all the people that come. I loved your book.

Some of the principles in it are already apart of our organizational culture and those parts emboldened my conviction to continue on. And to be honest some of what I read kicked my butt — specifically the parts regarding guilt tripping people to work longer hours and stay past 5 etc. Lets just say I highlighted a lot and plan to buy copies for my whole team of rebels.

Levi Lusko

Thanks for writing Rework. I am not the same person who started reading it. I wish you and your voice more success.

Faisal Al-Ibrahim

Usually, when I buy a book that's published these days, it gets read, I like it/dislike it, then I donate it to charity. Seems like everyone wants to just "push out a book". Sad really.

But there are a handful of books that occupy space on a 4-shelf bookshelf, that I will always keep. These are the classics, the books with timeless information, and heck, are an enjoyable read as well.

Rework is one of those books that sits on my bookshelf. Great job guys.

Joseph Ratliff, Online Marketing Strategist

Thank fucking god I work for a small company - 4 other people who I respect and trust, who share a majority of the insights you all outlined in REWORK.

What I wasn't expecting, however, was how relevant the book would be to my new band. It's a different industry with its own scars, but weighing the choices between record labels (other peoples money?) and building an audience on our own never seemed clearer.

Janie Porche

I was number 35 on the wait list at the local library to read your new book, so when they told me it was finally available I actually ran to the library to fetch it. Thank you for writing this book (and for keeping it short and sweet). It was indeed worth the wait.

Matthew Weidner

Fantastic job with the new book! It's easily the best business book I've ever encountered, and the language is so grounded it's really a pleasure to read.

It deserves the highest praise I can offer — not only was I unable to put it down until I finished it this afternoon, but I've already picked up additional copies for friends as well.

Matt Garber

Thanks for the breath of fresh air. I am self-employed and read your book twice in 4 days. Ironically, I was able to get as much work done during those 4 days as I normally get done...even with reading your book twice. Funny how turning off the phone and telling people that you can't talk during specific times really does help get things done. I have recommended your book to several friends and you guys have created a culture here in Anthem, AZ (where I live) of business men excited to change things up.

On a side note, thanks for re-igniting my passion. I have been a burnt out Realtor for the past 2 years. Now I have weeded out those things In Real Estate I hate and am focusing on the areas/people I really enjoy working with. For the first time in a long time I actually enjoy going to work. Now my job is about helping people in a tough economy (very rewarding), and not meeting projected sales goals (great recipe for suicidal tendencies).

Mike Robinson

Just finished your book, and want to thank you SO MUCH for the mental enema. Getting that business BS out of my brain.

I've been fighting for years against the chains of meetings and employees who need to be hand-held and projects with huge Swiss army knife do-everything-itus...and your book made me say "hell yea! That is what I'm talking about!"

Thank you for the insight, and the pieces of validation that my desire for simplicity isn't just me being a bitch.

Lisa Wagner

I could write a big review about your book about the real-life scenarios and situations we are put into when dealing with hiring, clients, resources and more... but I will simplify all that in a big THANK YOU!

Will lend this book to my people and friends.

Diego Cibils

Rework is a book of good advice delivered in a simple and direct manner. Some of your concepts used to be mine too, but I'd let them slip away in the effort to anticipate everything and plan for every eventuality in my business. I've modified my internal operations manual to put your ideas into practice and the changes are already leading to more business . Rework is such a short, easy read that I'll return to it regularly for a kick in the right direction.

Paul G. Sherland, MS, JD

Hello, my name is Connor. I'm only 14 years old, but I wanted to e-mail you guys to comment about your book. I had heard of your company before, but after reading Rework, I have a different outlook on it. The book was very readable yet stacked with helpful information. Readers like me can apply your advice in not only the business world, but for any job they have and real life situations. I'm interested in going into business when I'm older, and this book has helped. I'll make sure to keep it handy if I ever have my own business. Thanks for sharing your information.

Connor Reed

Hello, my name is Connor. I'm only 14 years old, but I wanted to e-mail you guys to comment about your book. I had heard of your company before, but after reading Rework, I have a different outlook on it. The book was very readable yet stacked with helpful information. Readers like me can apply your advice in not only the business world, but for any job they have and real life situations. I'm interested in going into business when I'm older, and this book has helped. I'll make sure to keep it handy if I ever have my own business. Thanks for sharing your information.

Connor Reed

Wow, I loved this book. its very direct and all of it makes sense!

I gotta say - my favorite thing about it is the informality. I didn't have to read into it or dissect any of the ideas.

I was on hold for BOFA for 15 minutes and heard the recording tone thinking "give me a fucking break..." Reading it in your book was funny.

It is really a service economy!

Thank you!

Salam Alchi

It was a great pleasure reading your book. Please accept my appreciation and congratulations for writing such a good book.

I am a retired police chief of one of the Federal States of India and many of the suggestions in your book I had applied in my work which gave dividends.Incidentally I am in LA in US these days. Me and my wife came over to meet our niece here.

B.L. Vohra

I finished Rework about 15 seconds ago and had to drop you a line. Immediately.

The is the most useful business book I have ever owned, and an absolute delight to read.

Whenever I find something useful in a business book, I turn over the bottom corner so I can easily find the page again. I thought you'd like to know that my copy of Rework is currently a mass of dog-eared pages! I've highlighted most of it and am now going through half the links you included (thanks for the tiny url links BTW, much easier than typing a long ulr).

So thank you.

Thanks for the inspiration, the ideas and the laughs.

I'm just about to write a proposal for our company based on some of the thoughts you guys had about teaching people instead of holding all the cards to your chest. And I suspect I'll be picking REWORK up in the next few months for a refresher.

Great work!

Kate Lightfoot

Thank you for a thoughtful, well-written book. The book provided a clean break from the years of reading textbooks on Taylorism, Fayol, NPM, and Six Sigma while earning my MPA. What crap!

At first, I dismissed the ideas as not being applicable to a small heating and air conditioning contractor. After reading, I found great value in the book. We are working to reinvent our company. Five years ago we did mostly new commercial construction. Today we are focusing on residential service and replacement.

Matt Walston

I'm sitting on the tube and just turned the last page of the book, I've read it in 3 days. I was given it by a friend at the Hospital club. I have read a lot of business books, as a budding entrapeneur and business graduate I wanted to let you know this is the only book on the subject I've ever really enjoyed. There are so many shit books, full of useless theories and words which have to be looked up, with references to maslow etc. As a writer myself I loved the conversational approach, as I was immediately engaged.

This is the only way people should write business books, from experience.

B.L. Vohra

I just finished REWORK. I typically hate superlatives in describing anything, but I have to say that your book is the most useful "business" book I have read in a long time. Your no nonsense, no BS approach is refreshing and in some cases enlightening. You very accurately identify so many of the momentum killers that plague the majority of projects and work environments and you offer some fantastic alternatives! So few have the balls to describe "workaholism" for the "intellectual laziness" that it is, mission statements for the lame and tired platitudes they are, or to plainly and very wisely recommend to "say no by default". I could go on.

Thank you very much. I expect to send copies to many friends and colleagues.

Eric Dumont

I just finished reading Rework, and it scared the shit out of me.

When I got my MBA, it felt all wrong. Big company BS and braindead Harvard case studies. All my friends went to Accenture, but I joined a startup instead and had a blast. Fast, nimble, creative, great people.

It grew and grew and got bought by a mammoth software company. Not the same vibe.

Someday, I'd like to launch my own company to build online coaching communities where people help each other achieve personal goals. I'm totally passionate about it!

The problem is that I've gotten too familiar with Big Money along the way. I feel like I'm being pushed down an Angel path, but the Angels can be as bad as the VCs these days. It doesn't feel right again.

I know that Rework resonates with my heart and the better part of my head. I want to start small and deliver results, not cow-tow to investors (or overbearing customers). I just hope that I have the courage (and good sense) to follow the Rework path. It definitely feels right.

Thanks so much for writing it!

Matt Poepsel

Hello from Moscow, Russia.

Just read REWORK in 3-4 hours. Great book, simple and nice advice.

It is really great DIFFERENCE between the way a new businessman look on BIG companies and trying to copy them, that's doesn't work, with these tips, modern communication and rules of small business I hope to rise sales with less effort, employees and budget.

K. Regards,

Константин Иванов

Hello, guys. I read "Rework" today. The whole thing. Today. I've never done that before in my life. I'm a freelance writer for my local newspaper. I graduated with a journalism degree in 2007 into a terrible economy. Yet, since then I've managed to at least get myself to a point where I can comfortably live off of freelancing, which has been my goal (and dream) for years.

In doing that and being fully self-employed I've learned a few aspects you share on my own, but gained a wealth of knowledge from the rest of the book. And for that, I thank you on a deep level. It's re-inspired me and it's helping me feel confident enough to take the leap and do something on my own and continue down this path.

So thanks for sharing. You're improving the quality of the world because let's face it — if we were all a part of laid-back-yet-successful, smaller companies where our input mattered and rules and stipulations were minimal, wouldn't the world be an infinitely better place?

Greg Wood

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