You don’t have to work every waking hour, sunrise to sunset.

Meaningful work is a great thing. It’s a fantastic feeling to be productive, work with talented people, and build cool products. And millions of people do it every day.

But it’s not great when the idea of an always-on, 24/7/365 workforce permeates through companies. And it’s especially bad when 24/7/365 is used as a marketing tactic for a product.

Microsoft Office 365 is promoting a “get things done anywhere, sunrise to sunset” ideal. From your first steps to the bathroom until your head hits the pillow, Microsoft show you how great it is to be able to work every minute of the day.

We don’t think it has to be this way. True work-life balance doesn’t have to be a myth. So here’s our Life 365 idea compared to Office 365.

Work can wait. Don’t work every waking hour, sunrise to sunset. Enjoy Life 365.

Microsoft’s version

Work Can Wait

Our improved version

Work Can Wait


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