Elizabeth Gramm

EPISODE 0110 - FEB 16, 2021

Greening Basecamp

with Jane Yang and Elizabeth Gramm

Basecamp recently set out to do a carbon accounting, looking at the company’s emissions, as well as meaningful ways to offset and mitigate those impacts. Jane Yang and Elizabeth Gramm, the two Basecampers who took on this daunting and nuanced project, come on the show to discuss not just the work...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes
EPISODE 0032 - DEC 18, 2018

Happy Pacifists

with David Wood, Joshua Guble, and Elizabeth Gramm

Business rhetoric is rife with the language of war—there’s constant talk of conquering markets and dominating the competition. These tropes indicate a dangerous way of thinking that can have real consequences, intended or not, on human behavior. In this episode, two professors share their research...

Running a Calm Company
EPISODE 0012 - JAN 23, 2018

Don't Be Fake

with Elizabeth Gramm, Jenifer Daniels, Jess Lybeck, and Erin Hopmann Keck

Hey, are you crushing it? It seems like everyone is constantly crushing it in the business world. But maybe it would be better if we were honest about our flaws, talked like ourselves, and aimed to be genuine instead of super polished. In this episode: A Basecamp customer support representative...

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