SEASON 2 - EPISODE 116 - JULY 3, 2024

Listener Questions: HR Edition

In this episode, Andrea LaRowe, Head of People Operations at 37signals, joins host Kimberly Rhodes to answer questions about the company’s HR practices. They discuss the company’s management structure and performance evaluations and what the company looks for when hiring. Andrea also shares what’s...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 115 - JUNE 26, 2024

The Aim for a Name

In this podcast episode, Kimberly Rhodes talks with Jason Fried, CEO and co-founder of 37signals, about the process of naming products. He discusses practical considerations like domain availability, trademarks, and logo design.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 114 - JUNE 19, 2024

ONCE (again)

In this episode, Kimberly Rhodes hosts a discussion with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founders of 37signals, about their newest product. And the best news? It will be free and simple to use.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 113 - JUNE 12, 2024

Founder-led Marketing

REWORK’s host Kimberly Rhodes discusses the unique marketing approach of 37signals with its co-founders, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. They talk about how their process is simply sharing their perspectives and products, instead of traditional advertising. They champion genuine...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 112 - JUNE 5, 2024

For the Love of Linux

In this podcast episode, REWORK host Kimberly Rhodes talks with David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founder of 37signals and CTO, about his personal shift from using Apple products to exploring Linux and Windows platforms. He discusses the expanded platform integration at 37signals, which now includes all...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 111 - MAY 29, 2024

The Subtle Art of Staying Out of It

In this episode, REWORK host Kimberly Rhodes, talks with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, about the importance of stepping out of the day-to-day operations as a founder. Giving employees room to call the shots can spark new ideas and get things done faster. It also...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 110 - MAY 22, 2024

Behind the Scenes of the REWORK Podcast

Elaine Richards, 37signals’ Chief Operating Officer, shakes things up by flipping the script on host, Kimberly Rhodes. They discuss the behind-the-scenes work of producing the REWORK podcast and selecting topics that resonate with the audience. They even dive into Kimberly’s background in podcasting...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0109 - MAY 15, 2024

A Matter of Ambition — Part 2

In this episode of REWORK, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, continue their discussion on ambition, focusing on generating ideas and the process of deciding which projects to pursue. They talk about the importance of experimentation, and how they decide which...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0108 - MAY 8, 2024

A Matter of Ambition

In this episode of REWORK, host Kimberly Rhodes alongside 37signals co-founders, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, talk about the company’s renewed sense of ambition and excitement for upcoming projects. They highlight the importance of keeping things fresh, while emphasizing the balance...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0107 - MAY 1, 2024

How We Work: Summer Fridays

In this episode, host Kimberly Rhodes chats with 37signals’ co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson about the company’s Summer Fridays policy, which grants employees a four-day workweek from May to September. While the perk encourages work-life balance and a feeling of seasonality,...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0106 - APRIL 24, 2024

A Spin-Off Story

In the podcast, REWORK host Kimberly Rhodes talks with 37signals co-founders, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, about their journey spinning off products. They stress the value of keeping contracts simple and how once the handover is done, it’s best to take a hands-off approach and let the...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0105 - APRIL 17, 2024

Disagree and Commit

“Consensus is cozy, but broad agreement is not our aim. The right decision is. Which is why we take the time to think, debate, persuade, listen and reconsider and then, someone, decides. If you disagree, that’s fine, but once the decision is made, it’s time to commit and support it completely.”

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0104 - APRIL 10, 2024

Strangers at a Cocktail Party

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founders of 37signals, dive into their book REWORK and discuss the essay “Strangers at a Cocktail Party” with REWORK host, Kimberly Rhodes. From their experience, hiring too many people at once can throw off the balance and continuity of a company’s...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0103 - APRIL 3, 2024

The Wrong Time for Real Time

This episode of REWORK delves into an essay from the book “It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work,” co-authored by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, advocating for the use of asynchronous communication for work projects. During the discussion, they explore the downside of chat and suggest it be...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0102 - MAR 27, 2024

More Than a Month of ONCE

In this episode of REWORK, host Kimberly Rhodes sits down with the co-founders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, to provide an update on their latest product — Campfire, under the ONCE umbrella — just about one month after its initial launch. ONCE introduces a new software...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0101 - MAR 20, 2024

How We Work: Finding the Right Team

37signals is hiring! However, the traditional resume and formal education credentials don’t rank as high as you might think in their hiring process.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0100 - MAR 13, 2024

A New Take on Platform Preferences

David Heinemeier Hansson recently revealed that he’s making the switch from Apple to Android and trading in his Mac for a PC. In this week’s episode, co-founders of 37signals Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson discuss the shift in direction, the events that led to the change of platform, and...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0099 - MAR 6, 2024

Rapid Fire with Jason & David

Kimberly is switching things up this week and taking a more casual approach with the co-founders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, asking them a series of rapid fire questions. Jason, for example, reveals the book that granted them permission to forge their unique path, while...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0098 - FEB 28, 2024

Press Releases Are Spam

Kimberly sits down with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson to discuss a chapter from REWORK titled “Press Releases Are Spam,” explaining why traditional press releases don’t work well for their product launches. The conversation touches on the shift from formal press releases to...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0097 - FEB 21, 2024

Keep Calm and Delete the Tweet

Join host Kimberly in this episode for a candid chat with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Diving into a recent social media controversy, they discuss the decision-making process and lessons learned. The conversation covers the challenges of public communication, navigating social media,...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0096 - FEB 14, 2024

The Myth of the Overnight Sensation

This week, join your host Kimberly Rhodes along with the co-founders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, as they celebrate Basecamp’s 20th and 37signals’ upcoming 25th anniversaries. The excitement extends to the success of their book REWORK, which recently surpassed a million...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0095 - FEB 7, 2024

It's All a Judgment Call

Chances are, you’ve heard Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson stress the vital role of trusting your instincts in business.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0094 - JAN 31, 2024

Readying for Launch

Product launches can be a delicate dance between anticipation and anxiety.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0093 - JAN 24, 2024


In this special YouTube live episode, co-founders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, join host Kimberly Rhodes to field live questions from listeners.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0092 - JAN 17, 2024

User Testing, Stoic Philosophy, and Other Listener Questions

In this episode of REWORK, the spotlight is on listener questions. Listen in as Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson share their insights on a range of topics — from 37signals’ approach to user testing and the impact of Stoic philosophy on their business principles, to discussions on profits and...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0091 - JAN 9, 2024

This again, Apple?

Getting an app into Apple’s app store without giving up 30% of profits is something the team at 37signals battled back in 2020 when it launched the HEY email service. What they didn’t expect would be to have some of the same challenges in 2024 with the HEY Calendar app.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0090 - JAN 3, 2024

How We Work: Fewer Meetings, More Check-Ins

Today, we’re diving into a question that has piqued the curiosity of many of our listeners and clients: How exactly does 37signals keep track of all the moving pieces in a fully remote company with team members spread throughout the world?

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0089 - DEC 27, 2023

Working with a Business Partner

In this week’s episode of REWORK, host Kimberly Rhodes sits down with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson to share the essential elements that foster a thriving partnership.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0088 - DEC 20, 2023

Look Back Less

“If you’re going to look back at all, you should glance back but not stare.”— Jason Fried

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0087 - DEC 13, 2023

Narrow As You Go

In their book, It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson stress the importance of narrowing the scope as a project unfolds, emphasizing, “After the initial dust settles, the work required to finish a project should be dwindling over time, not expanding.”

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0086 - DEC 6, 2023

Calendar Tetris

Ever find yourself trapped in a game of “Calendar Tetris,” where each meeting block interrupts the natural flow of your day, leaving you little room for meaningful work?

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0085 - NOV 29, 2023

The Outwork Myth

In today’s hustle-centric work environment, there’s a prevailing pressure to showcase constant busyness, sometimes at the expense of genuine productivity.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0084 - NOV 22, 2023

What are you REALLY buying?

Every time you make a purchase, whether it’s a tangible product or a service, you’re casting a vote with your dollars for the type of company you want to support and the choices they make.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0083 - NOV 15, 2023

Underdo the Competition

In business, the idea that more is better often leads companies to engage in an endless race to add more features while losing sight of what truly matters to their users.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0082 - NOV 8, 2023

Speaking Gigs, Attending Conferences, and the Importance of Gathering

In a world dominated by virtual interactions, coming together in person offers an opportunity to foster deeper human connections that are impossible to achieve through any other means. Jason Fried recently took the stage in Vancouver and David Heinemeier Hansson did the same at Rails World in...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0081 - NOV 1, 2023

The F*#k No Feature

Have you ever wanted to bid farewell to bothersome emails without the hassle of unsubscribing or composing polite “please stop emailing me” requests?

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0080 - OCT 25, 2023

Build an Audience

This episode kicks off with the Underdog Challenge winner sharing the unconventional strategies that enable his small business to take on their larger competitors.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0079 - OCT 18, 2023

Inspiration is Perishable

"Ideas are immortal. They last forever. What doesn’t last forever is inspiration. Inspiration is like fresh fruit or milk: it has an expiration date,”— from REWORK, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0078 - OCT 11, 2023

You Don't Create a Culture

Company culture is more than just a buzzword or a section in your employee handbook.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0076 - SEP 27, 2023

37signals Introduces ONCE

In a world where subscriptions have become the norm for everything from streaming services to heated car seats, the team at 37signals recently unveiled a new venture that’s poised to reintroduce the notion of software ownership with a pay-once model called ONCE.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0075 - SEP 20, 2023

Shape Up Principle: Decide When to Stop

In our recent episodes, we’ve been talking about the principles of Shape Up – the cornerstone of 37signals’ product development philosophy. We’ve explored the art of crafting a pitch and the decision-making process that takes place at the betting table.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0074 - SEP 13, 2023

TypeScript Drama and Open Source Opinions

Recently 37signals co-founders David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried found themselves at the center of an unexpected internet storm. It all began when David made a significant announcement: Turbo 8 would no longer be using TypeScript.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0073 - SEP 6, 2023

Shape Up Principle: The Betting Table

Picture this: a dimly lit room where velvet-robed figures gather in secret to make decisions of paramount importance as the fate of the pitches for the next product development cycle hangs in the balance.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0072 - AUG 30, 2023

Writing a Pitch

If you’ve been following the REWORK podcast, you’re undoubtedly acquainted with the concept of Shape Up, a cornerstone of 37signals’ approach to product development.


Are You an Underdog? We want to hear from you!

In this episode of REWORK, host Kimberly Rhodes sits down with 37signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson to hear about the company’s fondness for underdogs – small businesses that are scrappy, do more with less, and use creativity over big budgets.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0070 - AUG 9, 2023

Software Has Bugs

Bugs are an inevitable part of complex software and aiming for complete bug-free perfection is not only unrealistic, but it hinders progress and product delivery.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0069 - AUG 2, 2023

Rescuing A Project In Progress

Knowing when you’re in over your head and recognizing when a project has gone off the rails are crucial aspects of successful project management.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0068 - JUL 26, 2023

The Google Graveyard

Unlike some tech giants that have notoriously pulled the plug on beloved products (remember Google’s sudden discontinuation of Google Reader?), 37signals takes a vastly different approach with their pledge to support ALL of their products for the life of the internet.

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