SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0084 - NOV 22, 2023

What are you REALLY buying?

Every time you make a purchase, whether it’s a tangible product or a service, you’re casting a vote with your dollars for the type of company you want to support and the choices they make.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0083 - NOV 15, 2023

Underdo the Competition

In business, the idea that more is better often leads companies to engage in an endless race to add more features while losing sight of what truly matters to their users.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0082 - NOV 8, 2023

Speaking Gigs, Attending Conferences, and the Importance of Gathering

In a world dominated by virtual interactions, coming together in person offers an opportunity to foster deeper human connections that are impossible to achieve through any other means. Jason Fried recently took the stage in Vancouver and David Heinemeier Hansson did the same at Rails World in...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0081 - NOV 1, 2023

The F*#k No Feature

Have you ever wanted to bid farewell to bothersome emails without the hassle of unsubscribing or composing polite “please stop emailing me” requests?

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0080 - OCT 25, 2023

Build an Audience

This episode kicks off with the Underdog Challenge winner sharing the unconventional strategies that enable his small business to take on their larger competitors.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0079 - OCT 18, 2023

Inspiration is Perishable

"Ideas are immortal. They last forever. What doesn’t last forever is inspiration. Inspiration is like fresh fruit or milk: it has an expiration date,” - from Rework, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0078 - OCT 11, 2023

You Don't Create a Culture

Company culture is more than just a buzzword or a section in your employee handbook.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0076 - SEP 27, 2023

37signals Introduces Once

In a world where subscriptions have become the norm for everything from streaming services to heated car seats, the team at 37signals recently unveiled a new venture that’s poised to reintroduce the notion of software ownership with a pay-once model called ONCE.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0075 - SEP 20, 2023

Shape Up Principle: Decide When to Stop

In our recent episodes, we’ve been talking about the principles of Shape Up – the cornerstone of 37signals’ product development philosophy. We’ve explored the art of crafting a pitch and the decision-making process that takes place at the betting table. 

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0074 - SEP 13, 2023

TypeScript Drama and Open Source Opinions

Recently 37signals co-founders David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried found themselves at the center of an unexpected internet storm. It all began when David made a significant announcement: Turbo 8 would no longer be using TypeScript.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0073 - SEP 6, 2023

Shape Up Principle: The Betting Table

Picture this: a dimly lit room where velvet-robed figures gather in secret to make decisions of paramount importance as the fate of the pitches for the next product development cycle hangs in the balance.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0072 - AUG 30, 2023

Writing a Pitch

If you’ve been following the Rework podcast, you’re undoubtedly acquainted with the concept of Shape Up, a cornerstone of 37signals’ approach to product development.


Are You an Underdog? We want to hear from you!

In this episode of Rework, host Kimberly Rhodes sits down with 37signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson to hear about the company’s fondness for underdogs – small businesses that are scrappy, do more with less, and use creativity over big budgets. 

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0070 - AUG 9, 2023

Software Has Bugs

Bugs are an inevitable part of complex software and aiming for complete bug-free perfection is not only unrealistic, but it hinders progress and product delivery.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0069 - AUG 2, 2023

Rescuing A Project In Progress

Knowing when you’re in over your head and recognizing when a project has gone off the rails are crucial aspects of successful project management.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0068 - JUL 26, 2023

The Google Graveyard

Unlike some tech giants that have notoriously pulled the plug on beloved products (remember Google’s sudden discontinuation of Google Reader?), 37signals takes a vastly different approach with their pledge to support ALL of their products for the life of the internet.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0067 - JUL 19, 2023

Be Careful Who You Listen To

In today’s fast-paced information-saturated world, advice is abundant, but it can be difficult to determine which sources are truly reliable.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0066 - JUL 12, 2023

Leaving the Cloud: The Finale

You’ve no doubt heard the 37signals team talking about leaving the cloud. Well, now the transition is complete!

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0065 - JUL 5, 2023

Two-Person Teams: Listener Questions

This week, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, join host Kimberly Rhodes to answer listener questions from the recent episode about Two-Person Teams. They tackle topics ranging from two-person team collaboration techniques to their innovative approach to team cooldown...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0064 - JUN 28, 2023

When to Jump into AI

When should small business owners start paying attention to AI? Is immediate action necessary, or are we already behind?

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0063 - JUN 21, 2023

Buckets of Time

Time is a valuable resource that often leaves us longing for more hours to conquer our ever-expanding to-do lists. The relentless stream of emails, meetings, and responsibilities can easily hijack our concentration, reminding us that while we have 24 hours at our disposal, we don’t have 24 hours of...

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0062 - JUN 14, 2023

Twitter is Still Up

It’s been more than seven months since Elon Musk purchased Twitter. Since then, a reported 80% of the company has been let go, reducing their staff from just under 8,000 employees to around 1,500.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0061 - JUN 7, 2023

It's Time to Care About Costs

In a time when many companies are disregarding profitability and spending recklessly, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson have taken a different approach at 37signals. They believe that caring about costs is a timely concern and a fundamental principle for running a successful small business.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0060 - MAY 31, 2023

Two Person Teams

If you’ve been following along with the podcast, you’ve heard the mention of two-person teams and how 37signals makes the most of its software features and productivity with just two people working together—one programmer and one designer.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0059 - APR 19, 2023

Listener Questions Part 3

On the previous episode of the Rework podcast, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, joined host Kimberly Rhodes to answer listener questions and share their insights on various topics such as project ownership, attracting talent, and building a successful team.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0058 - APR 12, 2023

Listener Questions Part 2

On last week’s Rework podcast, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, joined host Kimberly Rhodes to answer listener questions about their approach to design, decision-making, and more.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0057 - MAR 29, 2023

Listener Questions / AMA

In this episode of Rework, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, join host Kimberly Rhodes to answer questions posed by Rework listeners.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0056 - MAR 22, 2023

Taking a Sabbatical as a Business Owner

In this episode of Rework, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, join host Kimberly Rhodes to discuss the power of taking sabbaticals as business owners.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0055 - MAR 8, 2023

Leaving the Cloud Part 2

In October 2022, 37signals announced they would transition off cloud services in a post titled “Why We’re Leaving the Cloud.”

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0054 - MAR 1, 2023

The Power of Time Off

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of 37signals, advocate for taking extended breaks from work, as outlined in their book "It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work." While this practice is relatively common in many parts of the world, it’s less common in North America.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0053 - FEB 22, 2023

The Challenges of Remote Work

Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering several benefits, such as increased flexibility and the ability to work anywhere globally.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0052 - FEB 15, 2023

Hire Great Writers

Writing is crucial for communication and collaboration in both remote and in-person organizations.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0051 - FEB 8, 2023

Hire Managers of One

“Everyone should manage themselves” has been a core principle at 37signals from day one and has continued to be key as the company has expanded.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0050 - FEB 1, 2023

What's in a Name

37signals has undergone some name changes since its inception over 20 years ago: starting as 37signals in 1999, then changing to Basecamp in 2014, before switching back to 37signals in 2022.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0049 - JAN 25, 2023

8's Enough 40's Plenty

Are you working over 40 hours a week while putting your personal life on hold?

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0048 - JAN 18, 2023

Pick A Fight

If you follow Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founders of 37signals, anywhere online, you know they aren’t afraid to speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0047 - JAN 11, 2023

Tales from the Front Lines

“When dealing with customers, especially those that are angry, there are always two tokens on the table. One is the token for it just doesn’t matter. It’s not a big deal. And the other token is it’s the end of the world. We pick one, and the customer picks the other.”—Chase Clemons

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0046 - JAN 4, 2023

Put Everyone on the Front Lines

What is your method of connecting with your customers? Does your product or service make sense to them, and do you understand how they see it?

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0045 - DEC 28, 2022

Year in Review: Growing as a Company

With the year ending, it’s a good time to reflect on how far you’ve come in the past year as a company.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0044 - DEC 21, 2022

Sound Like You

A small business has many benefits, like being able to move quickly, stay flexible and pivot when needed, something big businesses can’t do as easily.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0043 - DEC 14, 2022

Let Your Customers Outgrow You

Customer relationships don’t have to last forever. Keeping your hands wrapped around every customer will only lead to trying to evolve into something you’re not is the death knell for your business.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0042 - DEC 7, 2022

Your Estimates Suck

“Getting out of estimates and getting into appetites and budgets is the single most important thing that we have instituted,” - David Heinemeier Hansson

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0041 - NOV 30, 2022

Come Small, Come All

There’s a lot of talk in the tech world about getting bigger, growing as fast as you can, and getting investor money so you can scale quickly.

SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0037 - OCT 21, 2022

Leaving the Cloud

with David Heinemeier Hansson and Eron Nicholson

Cloud services have been used by tech companies for many years, but it’s not the only way. Hear why 37signals is making the decision to go in another direction.

Big Tech
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0036 - SEP 27, 2022

Don't be a Hero

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

You’ve been working on a thing for days, weeks, maybe months and you’re still nowhere near finishing. Our natural instinct is to say, “I’ve already put this much time and energy into it, might as well finish.” Well, most of the time this is wrong. You’re not getting that time back either way and...

Rework Revisited

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