Conor Muirhead

EPISODE 0048 - JUL 23, 2019

Shape Up Roundtable

with Ryan Singer, Conor Muirhead, and Jeff Hardy

Basecamp’s new book, Shape Up by Ryan Singer, explores the way designers and programmers at the company build and ship software. In this episode, Ryan, designer Conor Muirhead, and programmer Jeff Hardy go deep into Shape Up principles, talking about the parts of the process they find most useful...

Shape Up
EPISODE 0030 - NOV 20, 2018

The Worst Performance Review

with Rachel Ernst and Conor Muirhead

Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, 360…no matter what form they take, performance reviews can be anxiety-inducing workplace rituals. In today’s episode, we talk to the head of HR at an HR software company (meta!) and a Basecamp designer about why helpful feedback is so difficult to give and receive—and...

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