Andy Didorosi

EPISODE 0057 - OCT 22, 2019

Meet Andy

with Andy Didorosi

Basecamp’s new head of marketing, Andy Didorosi, talks about starting a bus company in his hometown of Detroit to help fill a gap in public transit; what he learned about building a business with a “buy one, give one” social mission; and why he left the company he founded to join Basecamp.

EPISODE 0086 - JUN 9, 2020

The Spy Who Emailed Me

with Andy Didorosi, Adam Stoddard, Nabiha Syed, and Martijn de Kuijper

On June 15, Basecamp launches a new email service called Hey. One of its features is that it blocks tracking pixels that report back to the sender when and how you read an email. In this episode, Basecamp’s marketing team talks about their difficult search for an email newsletter provider that...

EPISODE 0108 - DEC 15, 2020

A Dumpster Fire of a Year

with Andy Didorosi, Adam Stoddard, and Nathan Anderson

HEY launch, App Store, we can’t take it anymore 🎵 Antitrust, masks a must, let’s go eat the upper crust 🎵 Comfy pants, TikTok dance, POTUS rants, protest chants 🎵 COVID cruise can’t disembark, David’s back in Denmark 🎵 We didn’t start the fire—well, in this case we did.


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