Natalie Nagele

EPISODE 0084 - MAY 26, 2020

Help Wanted

with Natalie Nagele, Akshaya Dinesh, and Andrew Tan

The pandemic has caused enormous job losses and forced many companies to rethink the nature of work. In this episode, two Stanford students talk about the online resource they built to help fellow students whose summer internships were canceled, and Wildbit CEO Natalie Nagele returns to REWORK to...

EPISODE 0064 - DEC 10, 2019

Lab Week

with Mohammad A. Mahdi, Mohammad M. Mahdi, Anthony Duncan, and Natalie Nagele

Get out your Bunsen burner! It’s time to do some experiments. In this episode, we talk to two businesses that aren’t afraid to try new things. First, the three founders of The Mad Optimist, a soap company in Indiana, talk about letting customers choose what they pay for their products. Then Natalie...

Small Business

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