Noah Lorang

EPISODE 0026 - SEPT 25, 2018

Farewell, Noah

with Noah Lorang

A lot of businesses start as side ventures or hobbies that grow into full-time pursuits. The trick is often in knowing when to quit a comfortable day job to start a new business. We sit down with one of our own at this crossroads. Noah Lorang headed Basecamp’s data team for the last eight years, and...

EPISODE 0013 - FEB 6, 2018

Interruption is Not Collaboration

with Thomas Fritz, Dave Shepherd, Noah Lorang, and Bryan Miles

Hey, are you busy? Can you listen to this real quick? It’s an episode about interruptions in the workplace. You’ll hear from academic researchers, Basecamp’s head data wrangler, and the CEO of a remote company about how they’ve tackled not just the disruptions themselves, but also the workplace...

Running a Calm Company

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