Adam Stoddard

EPISODE 0108 - DEC 15, 2020

A Dumpster Fire of a Year

with Andy Didorosi, Adam Stoddard, and Nathan Anderson

HEY launch, App Store, we can’t take it anymore 🎵 Antitrust, masks a must, let’s go eat the upper crust 🎵 Comfy pants, TikTok dance, POTUS rants, protest chants 🎵 COVID cruise can’t disembark, David’s back in Denmark 🎵 We didn’t start the fire—well, in this case we did.


Better Product with Adam Stoddard

with Adam Stoddard, Christian Beck, and Anna Eaglin

Better Product is a podcast by Innovatemap, a digital product agency. We are playing their episode featuring Basecamp’s marketing designer, Adam Stoddard, who joins them to talk about Basecamp’s design philosophy and the thought process behind the look of

EPISODE 0090 - JUL 7, 2020

Manos: The Hands of Hey

with Adam Stoddard

Basecamp’s marketing designer, Adam Stoddard, talks about how Hey’s visual brand came to be. He discusses influences from Pixar to Charles and Ray Eames to The Raveonettes, and reflects on what it’s like to work as a department of one on such an all-encompassing project.

EPISODE 0086 - JUN 9, 2020

The Spy Who Emailed Me

with Andy Didorosi, Adam Stoddard, Nabiha Syed, and Martijn de Kuijper

On June 15, Basecamp launches a new email service called Hey. One of its features is that it blocks tracking pixels that report back to the sender when and how you read an email. In this episode, Basecamp’s marketing team talks about their difficult search for an email newsletter provider that...

EPISODE 0051 - SEPT 10, 2019

Farewell, Happy Camper

with Jason Fried and Adam Stoddard

Basecamp has a new website and a new logo. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, it’s because CEO Jason Fried opted out of the big rebranding announcement that many companies undertake. On this episode, Jason and marketing designer Adam Stoddard talk about what prompted the new look and the...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes

Six Hours of Phone Calls

with Jason Fried and Adam Stoddard

In this episode, Basecamp marketing designer Adam Stoddard joins Jason Fried to talk about a marathon session of interviewing Search Engine Optimization consultants. Hear why they squeezed all the interviews into a six-hour block and what it’s like to shop for something you don’t really know...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes
EPISODE 0034 - JAN 29, 2019


with Jason Fried and Adam Stoddard

The folks at Basecamp have been blogging since 1999, when Jason Fried would write by the light of a fire fueled by David Heinemeier Hansson’s savage indictments of the tech industry. A lot has changed since then (with the exception of DHH’s feelings about Silicon Valley). Basecamp’s blog, Signal v....

Basecamp Behind the Scenes

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