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EPISODE 0109 - DEC 22, 2020

Send A Little Delight

with Merissa Dawson

Comfort and joy were in short supply this year, but we’re doing our best to end 2020 on a cozy note. Merissa of Basecamp support talks about surprising customers with gifts throughout the year, whether it’s to thank them for their fandom or apologize for a disappointing experience. Then Wailin...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes, Customer Support
EPISODE 0106 - DEC 1, 2020

Support and Console-ation

with Jim Mackenzie, Jamis Buck, Tony Giang, Sylvia Chong, Jabari Allen, and Willow Moline

In the last several years, a group of Basecamp customer support representatives has developed an expertise around “on-call support,” or tackling some of the thornier technical issues that require diving into the code base of our applications. This team of self-taught specialists grew out of...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes, Customer Support
EPISODE 0066 - JAN 7, 2020

Welcome Aboard

with Ashley Bowe and Karen Catlin

Welcome back! We’re kicking off the new year with an episode full of practical advice about onboarding new employees. Ashley Bowe from Basecamp’s customer support team talks about how they welcome and train new colleagues, and leadership coach Karen Catlin of Better Allies shares advice and examples...

Customer Support

James Glazebrook at Support Driven Expo Europe 2019

with James Glazebrook

In April, Basecamp Support team member James Glazebrook gave a talk at Support Driven Expo Europe about Everyone On Support. It’s an all-hands program where Basecamp employees rotate through a day of working in customer service. James noticed the system—while well-intentioned—wasn’t working...

Customer Support
EPISODE 0039 - APR 9, 2019

Subscription Hostages

with David Heinemeier Hansson, Laura Hazard Owen, Richard Holober, Jim Ewert, Pete Mortensen, and Jen Sabella

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You sign up for a service or a product online. When you go to cancel, you discover the only way to stop the subscription is to write an email or—even worse, make an actual phone call. In this episode, we try to get to the bottom of why this consumer trap...

Customer Support

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