Use Restrictions Policy

Last updated: May 15, 2024

Restricted purposes

When you use any of 37signals’ subscription products, you agree not to:

  • Use the products to break any laws or regulations.
  • Gather or use information from accounts that aren’t yours.
  • Attempt to deceive us or other users by making false reports or pretending to be someone else.
  • Bypass or interfere with the security features of the products.
  • Overload or disrupt any configuration or operations of the products.
  • Send or try to send viruses or any malware, or add tracking tools like web bugs and cookies to the products.
  • Harass or threaten other users, or any of our employees.
  • Speak ill of or damage, in our view, us or the products.

In addition to the above, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel any account, at any time, without notice.

How to report abuse

Report violations by emailing report@37signals.com with details about the account and the issue, including URLs or screenshots. If you need to send files securely, ask us for a link. We keep your identity confidential. For copyright issues, see our instructions on how to notify us about infringement claims.