Long Thoughts

A tight collection of complete ideas, thoughts, articles, and writings from the founders of 37signals.

Seven Shipping Principles

Core fundamentals that inform how we go about building — and shipping — great software at a sustainable pace.

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The 37signals Guide to Making Decisions

A company is essentially two things: a group of people and a collection of decisions. How those people make these decisions is the art of running a business. This guide shows how we do it.

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Why We Choose Profit at 37signals

For over two decades, we’ve been outspoken about running a profitable, financially responsible company in an industry that has become incredibly proficient at losing buckets of money. While everyone else was celebrating burning cash, we chose profit instead. We still do. Here’s are some reasons why.

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What Influenced Us

If you want to learn the 37signals view of the world, it helps to know the influences that helped form it. We’ve been around since 1999. Since then there’s been a number of key influencers that have marked the company culture.

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The 37signals Guide to Internal Communication

The how, where, why, and when we communicate. Long form asynchronous? Real-time chat? In-person? Video? Verbal? Written? Via email? In Basecamp? How do we keep everyone in the loop without everyone getting tangled in everyone else’s business? It’s all in here.

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Group Chat: The Best Way to Totally Stress Out Your Team

The perils of the modern communications conveyor belt that never ends, divides your attention, fractures your time, and chains you to FOMO.

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