EPISODE 0100 - OCT 13, 2020

Privacy Scavenger Hunt

with Mark Asquith, Hana Habib, Kaitlin Maud, and Ryan Jones

Imagine a corporate privacy policy on a website that was actually comprehensible and written by and for human beings. We talk to companies who have done just this, and what it means to build a business that has respect for privacy baked in from the outset. We also talk to a researcher who’s...

EPISODE 0086 - JUN 9, 2020

The Spy Who Emailed Me

with Andy Didorosi, Adam Stoddard, Nabiha Syed, and Martijn de Kuijper

On June 15, Basecamp launches a new email service called Hey. One of its features is that it blocks tracking pixels that report back to the sender when and how you read an email. In this episode, Basecamp’s marketing team talks about their difficult search for an email newsletter provider that...

EPISODE 0083 - MAY 19, 2020

Winston Sat At His Computer

with David Heinemeier Hansson

A growing number of companies have turned to employee surveillance software to monitor their newly remote workforce. Basecamp, which has taken a hardline stance against surveillance of all kinds, decided to ban makers of this “tattleware” from integrating with our products. Basecamp CTO David...

EPISODE 0073 - FEB 25, 2020

Delete Your Account

with Jane Yang, Jamis Buck, and Eileen Uchitelle

Basecamp the app is over 15 years old, which means Basecamp the company is responsible for safeguarding more than a decade’s worth of customer data—including 370 terabytes of data stored in non-active accounts. In this episode, Basecamp data analyst Jane Yang talks about a big, ongoing project at...

EPISODE 0065 - DEC 17, 2019

Are The Kids Alright?

with Gennie Gebhart, Caroline Haskins, Ryan Stanley, Marika Pfefferkorn, and Adam Dodge

In this anxious era of bullying, teen depression, and school shootings, tech companies are selling software to schools and parents that make big promises about keeping kids secure by monitoring what they say and write online. But these apps demand disturbing trade-offs in the name of safety. In this...

EPISODE 0060 - NOV 12, 2019

Big Brother at the Office

with Jason Meller

Between cameras, sensor-equipped ID badges, and keystroke-logging software, employers are keeping an ever-watchful eye on their workers, all in the name of security or increased productivity. Jason Meller has spent his career in computer security and witnessed what can happen when a corporation’s...

EPISODE 0058 - OCT 29, 2019

A Hosty Retreat

with Lex Friedman and Justin Jackson

Basecamp has taken a clear stance against tracking on the web, so when we learned that our podcast hosting provider had introduced listener-targeted advertising, we decided to decamp to a different company. On today’s episode, Wailin talks to Lex Friedman, chief revenue officer of REWORK’s old...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes, Privacy
EPISODE 0053 - SEPT 24, 2019

Heal the Internet

with David Heinemeier Hansson

In August, Basecamp ended its practice of using pixel trackers in emails. Co-founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson shares what prompted that decision, which is part of a larger discussion about how to push back against Big Tech anti-privacy policies and the impact of individual action on big...


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