SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0016 - DEC 21, 2021

Start a Business, Not a Startup

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Last episode of the year and we’re talking about startups. The new dry cleaner down the street doesn’t call itself a startup. The pizza place on the corner doesn’t call itself a startup. They’re new businesses, that’s all! So, what’s so special about your tech company that you need a fancy word for...

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0014 - DEC 7, 2021

Outside Money is Plan Z

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Taking outside money to start your business may seem like a good idea, but there are a ton of strings attached… You give up control. Cashing out becomes the #1 priority. It’s addictive. It’s usually a bad deal. Customers become less important than investors… You get the idea. Outside money should...

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0013 - NOV 30, 2021

Mission Statement Impossible

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Last episode we discussed how important it is to stand for something and you’d think writing your values down in a mission statement would be a great way to let people know exactly what you stand for. Well, you’d be wrong. Mission statements are almost always vapid, boring, platitudes that end up...

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0012 - NOV 23, 2021

Draw a Line in the Sand

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Whenever you start something, especially a business it’s important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Having strong opinions, standing for something, can help tremendously when it comes to making crucial decisions and creating super-fans.

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0011 - NOV 16, 2021

No Time is No Excuse

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

“There’re just not enough hours in the day!” This is probably the most common excuse people give for not starting something. Well, guess what. There most definitely are a few hours you could probably squeeze in here and there. And, we’re not saying you have to quit your day job to do it!

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0010 - NOV 9, 2021

Start Making Something (Season 2)

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

This week Jason and David discuss the essay titled “Start Making Something.” It’s only when you start building something the real insights come. Until then, all you have is just an idea. We also talk about Stanley Kubrick films and Jason introduces groundbreaking concepts like perforated pizza and...

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0009 - NOV 2, 2021

Scratch Your Own Itch

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Basecamp was originally designed as a way to manage 37signals’ client work and its success can be credited to the fact that it was designed to scratch a very specific itch by the people with that were itching. Now, we’re not saying that building something for others is necessarily a bad way to go...

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0007 - OCT 19, 2021

Enough with Entrepreneurs

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

“Entrepreneur” sounds really fancy. Like a member of some exclusive club. But, what we’re really talking about is just someone who starts something. Is it time to retire this word? Is there a better word to replace it? Can a business podcast go 30 minutes without talking about Steve Jobs, luxury...

REWORK Revisited
SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0006 - OCT 12, 2021


with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Working long hours, putting in overtime, logging on on the weekends, have become badges of honor, but there’s a big difference between work and getting stuff done. This week Jason and David push back against this idea of workaholism.

REWORK Revisited

Before Basecamp

with David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

REWORK is coming back for season 2 this September! In the meantime here’s a little bonus to tide you over. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, during the dot com bubble, Basecamp co-founders, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson both had run-ins with venture-backed tech startups. These...

REWORK Revisited
EPISODE 0119 - APR 20, 2021

You Had Me At Hylo

with Tibet Sprague

Tibet Sprague is a “communitarian technologist” with a vision for building companies and communities outside of investor-driven, for-profit systems. His current project is Hylo, an online platform for collaboration that’s governed by its users.

EPISODE 0117 - APR 05, 2021

Success is Surviving

with Robin Petravic

When Robin Petravic and Cathy Bailey bought Heath Ceramics from the company’s founders in 2003, they promised to keep the dinnerware maker and its manufacturing workforce in its home base of Sausalito, California. The pandemic provided an opportunity for Heath to recommit to this pledge and create a...

EPISODE 0116 - MAR 30, 2021

From Insolvency to Upsolve

with Mark Hansen

Upsolve makes a free tool that automates the process of filing for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. The organization is an atypical tech startup that’s also an atypical non-profit. Co-founder and CTO Mark Hansen comes on the show to talk about how Upsolve alternately embraces and subverts the norms of...

EPISODE 0115 - MAR 23, 2021

Truss The Process

with Everett Harper and Jen Leech

In 2016, software infrastructure consulting firm Truss made salaries transparent across the entire company. Salaries were revealed internally for all employees, from the executives on down. In this episode, Truss CEO Everett Harper and COO Jen Leech talk about why and how they approached their...

EPISODE 0114 - MAR 16, 2021

Coops: The Next Generation

with Greg Brodsky and Jessica Mason

Imagine if gig workers like rideshare drivers or grocery shoppers were compensated for their labor through ownership stakes in the Lyfts and Instacarts of the world. Imagine if companies distributed profits not just to founders and investors, but to their employees and customers. is an...

EPISODE 0113 - MAR 9, 2021

HEY World

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Basecamp co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson talk about HEY World, a new feature of the HEY email service where customers can create a super simple blog. HEY World has no templates, no endless scroll, no ads, no trackers, and no JavaScript. It represents Basecamp’s attempt to create...

EPISODE 0112 - MAR 2, 2021

A Dose of Empathy

with Marcy Capron Vermillion and Maia Reed

Equilibria, a company that makes CBD products for women, has a team of dedicated dosage specialists who do one-on-one consultations with customers. During the pandemic, this team has taken on an unprecedented amount of customer support—bearing witness to the heightened stress and anxiety that their...

Running a Calm Company
EPISODE 0111 - FEB 23, 2021

The Humble Fungus

with Jesse Noller

A career climbing the ladder in tech and software left Jesse Noller feeling disillusioned and isolated. He found connection, community, and purpose in a different kind of complex distributed system—mushrooms. Today he’s the proprietor of a spore-to-table business called The Humble Fungus. (Content...

Small Business
EPISODE 0110 - FEB 16, 2021

Greening Basecamp

with Jane Yang and Elizabeth Gramm

Basecamp recently set out to do a carbon accounting, looking at the company’s emissions, as well as meaningful ways to offset and mitigate those impacts. Jane Yang and Elizabeth Gramm, the two Basecampers who took on this daunting and nuanced project, come on the show to discuss not just the work...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes
EPISODE 0109 - DEC 22, 2020

Send A Little Delight

with Merissa Dawson

Comfort and joy were in short supply this year, but we’re doing our best to end 2020 on a cozy note. Merissa of Basecamp support talks about surprising customers with gifts throughout the year, whether it’s to thank them for their fandom or apologize for a disappointing experience. Then Wailin...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes, Customer Support
EPISODE 0108 - DEC 15, 2020

A Dumpster Fire of a Year

with Andy Didorosi, Adam Stoddard, and Nathan Anderson

HEY launch, App Store, we can’t take it anymore 🎵 Antitrust, masks a must, let’s go eat the upper crust 🎵 Comfy pants, TikTok dance, POTUS rants, protest chants 🎵 COVID cruise can’t disembark, David’s back in Denmark 🎵 We didn’t start the fire—well, in this case we did.

EPISODE 0107 - DEC 8, 2020

HEY for Work

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Basecamp is winding down a busy year with one more thing: the rollout of its HEY email service for the workplace. Co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson talk about privacy, marketing, onboarding, and the other considerations that went into making HEY for Work. They also reflect on the...

EPISODE 0106 - DEC 1, 2020

Support and Console-ation

with Jim Mackenzie, Jamis Buck, Tony Giang, Sylvia Chong, Jabari Allen, and Willow Moline

In the last several years, a group of Basecamp customer support representatives has developed an expertise around “on-call support,” or tackling some of the thornier technical issues that require diving into the code base of our applications. This team of self-taught specialists grew out of...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes, Customer Support
EPISODE 0105 - NOV 24, 2020

Shape Up with Clients

with David Nichols

Since releasing Shape Up, the book by Basecamp’s Ryan Singer about our approach to product development, we’ve heard from other companies who’ve also adopted this methodology. David Nichols is the co-founder and CEO of Loupe, a company that helps design machines for clients in sectors from aerospace...

Shape Up
EPISODE 0104 - NOV 17, 2020

Shape Up: The Print Edition

with Ryan Singer

In 2019, Basecamp released Shape Up, a digital book by head of product strategy Ryan Singer about our approach to product development. Since then, Ryan has added sections in response to reader feedback and released a print edition. Ryan comes back on REWORK to talk about connecting with other...

Shape Up
EPISODE 0103 - NOV 10, 2020

Take Some Time Off (We Mean It!)

with Dan Jimenez

Unlimited paid time off is a common perk in the tech industry, but as one company discovered, an open-ended vacation policy led to confusion and even burnout. Dan Jimenez of Chatbooks comes on REWORK to talk about how they shifted from unlimited to mandatory PTO, and how they’re recalibrating...

Running a Calm Company
EPISODE 0102 - NOV 3, 2020

Create Your Own Serendipity

with Deldelp Medina and Michael Berhane

More than ever, the tech industry is re-thinking how work gets done and how great ideas come to light when people are no longer linked by their physical location. In this episode, we have frank but hopeful conversations with Deldelp Medina of Black & Brown Founders and Michael Berhane of People...


Better Product with Adam Stoddard

with Adam Stoddard, Christian Beck, and Anna Eaglin

Better Product is a podcast by Innovatemap, a digital product agency. We are playing their episode featuring Basecamp’s marketing designer, Adam Stoddard, who joins them to talk about Basecamp’s design philosophy and the thought process behind the look of

EPISODE 0101 - OCT 20, 2020

Babies at Work

with Leah Silber and Emily Hall Warren

We talk to two very different small businesses about their Babies at Work programs, where new parents can have their infants with them at the office. With COVID sending so many office workers home—and pushing women out of the workforce altogether—acknowledging employees’ whole selves is more...

Small Business
EPISODE 0100 - OCT 13, 2020

Privacy Scavenger Hunt

with Mark Asquith, Hana Habib, Kaitlin Maud, and Ryan Jones

Imagine a corporate privacy policy on a website that was actually comprehensible and written by and for human beings. We talk to companies who have done just this, and what it means to build a business that has respect for privacy baked in from the outset. We also talk to a researcher who’s...


Return to Mojito Island

with Jason Fried

We do a quick check-in with Basecamp CEO Jason Fried about what he’s been up to since launching HEY in June. He talks about running the company as the pandemic stretches on, the importance of not making promises, and learning to swim.

DHH and Jason Fried
EPISODE 0099 - OCT 6,2020

Greetings from Mojito Island

with David Heinemeier Hansson

Basecamp co-founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson has been on a not-totally-intended sabbatical from both work and Twitter, and on an entirely intended break from living in the U.S. He checks in from Europe to talk about how he’s managing his time off as the boss, and what developments back at...

DHH and Jason Fried
EPISODE 0098 - SEPT 29, 2020

Selling Burnout with Anne Helen Petersen

with Anne Helen Petersen

Culture writer Anne Helen Petersen, author of the new book Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation, comes on the show to talk about how the real estate agents of the reality show Selling Sunset embody toxic ideas around work, passion, and career success. Along the way, Anne and...

Just For Fun
EPISODE 0097 - SEPT 22, 2020

Something's Broken

with Jeremy Daer and Troy Toman

Basecamp recently suffered three outages in a week. Programming lead Jeremy Daer and director of operations Troy Toman come on the show to discuss their approach to customer communication around these kinds of incidents. They talk about public accountability, mental health, and why the human side of...

Basecamp Behind the Scenes, Running a Calm Company
EPISODE 0096 - SEPT 15, 2020

Farewell, West Loop

with Jim Graziano and Jeremy Jones

Basecamp has closed its physical office after a 10-year run in Chicago’s West Loop area. In this episode, we say good-bye to the neighborhood and two of its businesses. J.P. Graziano and un-cooked are small, family-owned restaurants on either side of the longevity spectrum: Jim Graziano is the...

Small Business
EPISODE 0095 - SEPT 8, 2020

Exit to Community

with Mara Zepeda and Nathan Schneider

A group of startup founders, investors, and thinkers are reimagining corporate ownership to take into account all of the people who help build the business—not just executives and investors, but customers, users, and suppliers. Their vision for Exit to Community is outlined in this zine, and two of...

EPISODE 0094 - SEPT 1, 2020

Apps Without Code

with Tara Reed

We’re back from our August hiatus! To kick things off, we have a conversation with Tara Reed, the CEO of Apps Without Code. She started an online art advising business without knowing how to code, and that early success led to an entire company and educational program that teaches others how to do...


The Email That Changed My Life

with Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson, Saya Hillman, Rick Cosgrove, Julie Wernau, Mike McGee, and others

Basecamp probably wouldn’t exist today if not for an email that David Heinemeier Hansson sent Jason Fried in 2001. That correspondence was the beginning of a partnership that produced Basecamp, several books, and most recently HEY, the company’s new email service. This episode is our love letter to...

EPISODE 0092 - JUL 21, 2020

Q and HEY, Part 2

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Basecamp co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson held a recent livestream session where they answered questions about HEY, the company’s new email service. You can listen to Part 1 or watch the entire livestream on YouTube.

EPISODE 0091 - JUL 14, 2020

Q and HEY, Part 1

with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson held a livestream session where they answered audience questions about HEY, Basecamp’s new email service. In Part One, they discuss feature requests, customer support, and plans for hiring. The full Q&A can be viewed on YouTube.

EPISODE 0090 - JUL 7, 2020

Manos: The Hands of HEY

with Adam Stoddard

Basecamp’s marketing designer, Adam Stoddard, talks about how HEY’s visual brand came to be. He discusses influences from Pixar to Charles and Ray Eames to The Raveonettes, and reflects on what it’s like to work as a department of one on such an all-encompassing project.


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